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New Power Point Music Video Premiere: Silver & White

Hey, it's hard for me to write about this. I can't find a lot of words right now. But here goes. This takes place in 2015. I'm fresh out of the hospital. Still woozy, weak, skinny. It's hard to believe that my liver failed from an allergy to penicillin. What a weird thing to happen. Why do I feel ashamed about it? I want to be back onstage playing music as soon as possible. I convince Chris not to cancel our residency at Amnesia every Tuesday in May, even though none of us know if I'll be well enough to play it.

Holed up at Amnesia on a Tuesday night, getting warmed up with my mates downstairs in the green room. Numb is a confusing emotion. Where are my feelings? I know they are in there, but I can't get to them. It's our first show of the residency. Chris, Tyler, Tony & I climb onto that tiny high stage. I want to feel drunk. Sad. Human. Anything other than weird anxiety and shortness of breath. After being drugged & asleep for months I don't know who I can be other than a blob on an IV dilaudid drip. I even find myself wishing I was back in the hospital.

But I'm here on this old cozy Amnesia stage. Looking out at you. Now I know what I need to do. I smash the violin. The tears that follow are a relief. The broken wood kick starts my blood. Rush rush rushes through me. There I am. I'm back. Alright motherfuckers now lets play a show.

My friend Stephen was there in the audience watching and it gave him an idea for a music video. He's a Powerpoint wiz so he made the entire video on Powerpoint with his colleague Hiram Rodriguez.

'Silver & White' music video premiered today on All Things Go:

#powerpoint #musicvideo

'my neon's dead' pink eats black record with lyrics/coloring book. art by lauren ys. 
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